Shasta Family Camp Scholarships and Camping Equipment Available

Shasta Family Camp Scholarships and Camping Equipment Available

Trinity has funds that are specified for camping scholarships. Are you interested? See David Haynes or Pamela Beeman! Need to borrow camping equipment? Molly Knappen can outfit a family of five!

There is nothing stopping your family from going this year.

Shasta Family Camp 2018

“A Series of Fortunate Events”

July 21-27, 2018

Registration is now open! When you register, make sure to save your confirmation email, because it’ll help you to make changes/payments. Register at now at . A big thank you to Shari at the Cal-Nev Annual Conference for putting the registration together for us!

As you might notice, our theme for the year is “A Series of Fortunate Events”! Literature, Netflix, and Jim Carrey fans will probably recognize that it’s a play on “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” There’s a lot of cause for despair out there; there’s no denying that. However, we’re in the business of things like hope, peace, joy and love, so we will be seeking sparkles of Fortunate in everything!

ed note: This is always a good time- even that year with the wasps. It is worth the hassle of getting the time off. Camp can be prorated. Bring your family for just a day or two if you can’t swing the whole week.