Barn Dance – November 3rd

Barn Dance – November 3rd

Hello Trinity Families,

We’re looking forward to seeing many of you at the Barn Dance on Saturday up at our Farm. Would you mind replying all to let us know if you’re planning on making it? We want to make sure we have enough Brats for everyone. The caller will be with us to lead us into dance at 4:30. Join us at 4 if you’re available on the front porch for drinks and appetizers. We will have some beverages on ice—feel free to bring your own favorite beverage to add to the mix.


Also, I wanted to pass along this song that we are learning in kids choir. We are hoping to sing it for the congregation and perhaps even teach it to them soon. In trying to choose a song for Fall, I wanted to make sure that we learned one with a simple message that will stay with us for life. I think this song fits the bill.

Hopefully we can have Elliot join us on the snare drum with some simple brushes & Scott on the bass. Perhaps Pastor Dave on accordion? I think that would be a nice way for our kids to share this Song of Blessing with our congregation.

Take care,