Trinity is a progressive, Christian, faith community of the United Methodist Church variety.



We are active students of Jesus Christ. As Methodists, we believe that the living core of the Christian faith is “revealed in Scripture, illuminated by tradition, vivified in personal experience, and is confirmed by reason” and that our faith should inspire us to service.

United Methodist Church

As part of the larger United Methodist Church, we are Protestants, under the authority of a Bishop, have certain standing committees, use a common hymnal, and work collectively on many relief projects world wide. Each UMC congregation has its own personality and theological flavor. If you have attended one United Methodist Church, you have attended one United Methodist Church. Similarly, if you have met one Methodist, you have met one Methodist. Despite our denominational differences, we all share common cause, history, and an affinity for potlucks.


As progressive Christians, we take the Bible seriously but not literally. We stock our pews with the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) of the Bible but encourage members to study different versions as each translation and paraphrase sheds a slightly different light on the original languages and manuscripts.


We are more interested in ethical, prayerful, compassionate, and humble living in the mode of Jesus than “right” belief or “proper” worship. As followers of Jesus, we are a people committed to inclusion, faithful seeking, and good works of service. We are part of the Reconciling Ministries community of churches and welcome persons of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and relationship statuses to worship among us as equals. Jesus set the tone here by affirming the inclusion of the powerless, the outcast, and the denigrated of his day, including women, in his ministry.

Our Purpose

Our purpose, as a congregation, is to ENGAGE people in joyful relationships with God and with each other, so we will GROW in Christ-like compassion, and SHARE the blessings of the Holy Spirit. You are invited to join us.